Posted by Jess 4 Aug 2010

Cassie (pictured posing with Miley above) had an errand to run for her mother at Somerset Mall and by chance, bumped into Miley Cyrus! However, her experience apparently wasn’t that great.

From Cassie: My mom asked me to run to Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan to pick up something for her today around 8:30 PM. I saw Miley looking at jewelry in the Junior’s department called BP at Nordstrom and I went up to her and said ‘I know you don’t want to hear it from another fan, but can I just get a picture with you really quick?’ She said, ‘Yah but hurry because my friends will get pissed’.

She was with 3 other people.. 2 girls and one boy. She was very rude. I went up to the cashier to pick up what I needed and I told her Miley was right over my right shoulder and when Miley walked by the cashier said ‘can I help you with anything?’ and Miley just completely ignored her and continued walking. She was wearing a see through white shirt and had a Neiman Marcus bag with her.

It is a bit surprising because Miley is usually considered to be one of the more fan-friendly celebrities. Perhaps she was in a bad mood for the MTV Music Video Awards snub or had a rough day? I suppose we’ll never know…

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Posted by Jess 2 Aug 2010

Miley Cyrus was spotted hanging out with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at Mars Bar in Detroit. Mars Bar is located in the heart of downtown Hamtramck, minutes away from downtown Detroit.

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Posted by Jess 31 Jul 2010

Miley Cyrus pictures as a baby and when she was younger. The song in the video is “Stay” by Miley Cyrus.

Posted by Jess 27 Jul 2010

I have added a couple of candids of Miley Cyrus on the set of her upcoming film, LOL: Laugh Out Loud starring alongside Demi Moore and Ashley Greene. Take a look at the pictures:
Miley Cyrus in a leopard bikini on set:

Miley Cyrus with Demi Moore and director, Lisa Azuelos

Posted by Selina 19 Jul 2010

Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, and Douglas Booth were seen walking their dogs and hanging out while on break for their upcoming film, LOL: Laugh Out Loud. Douglas Booth is playing Miley’s love interest in the film and Ashley Greene (of Twilight popularity) is playing Miley’s best friend. I have added the candids into the gallery and check out some of the pictures below:

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Posted by Selina 12 Jul 2010

Hello Miley Cyrus fans! I have added new pictures of Miley Cyrus celebrating and having a good time at the Hannah Montana Wrap Party into the gallery. Check some pictures out below:

Posted by Selina 11 Jul 2010

Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus is back for it’s fourth and final season! It is airing tonight on Disney so make sure not to miss it! There will also be new episodes on July 18 and July 25. I have synopsis and promotional images for them below.

July 11 – Synopsis:

The Stewarts move onto their new ranch home, but Miley and Lilly are aghast that Robby Ray has moved Miley’s old bedroom furniture, complete with white bunk beds, pink walls, pink bedding, dolls, a stuffed unicorn and Rainbow Piggy, into their new home, so they set out to make some changes. Meanwhile, Jackson must befriend an obnoxious new kid, T.J., in order to get close to his beautiful cousin Siena who lives next door.

July 18 – Season 4, Episode 2 Hannah Montana to the Principal’s Office Synopsis:

When Miley doesn’t get registered for school in time, Principal Luger makes an exception to Hannah getting registered, which then fixes the problem. However, Miley realizes that having Hannah in school causes more problems. Meanwhile, Jackson gets paranoid when Siena asks him out.

Guest Stars: Ray Liotta as Principal Luger and Tammin Sursok as Siena

July 25 – Season 4, Episode 3 California Screamin’ Synopsis:

Miley feels that Robby has sacrificed his personal life for her career, so she sets him up on a blind date with her school nurse Lori. Meanwhile, Jackson is worried about his first kiss with Siena.

Guest Stars: Christine Taylor as Lori and Tammin Sursok as Siena

Find your favorite Hannah Montana products, including apparel & accessories, movies, music, toys and more at

Posted by Selina 30 Jun 2010

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth took a day to tend to Mate, Miley’s german shepherd. I have added 41 pictures into the gallery of the day. Miley and Liam first visited a PetCo and then they went to a park to relax. All along the way they would steal some kisses. Take a sneak peek:

At Petco:

At the Park:

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Posted by Selina 23 Jun 2010

Miley Cyrus has been busy promoting her latest album, Can’t Be Tamed. On Sunday night she was in Toronto for the Much Music Video Awards and the next night, she was back in the states performing at the House of Blues. I have added 41 high quality pictures of the event and even a review from the Los Angeles Times. Check out a sneak peek of the pictures below:

Read some of the review from the Los Angeles Times below:

Live review: Miley Cyrus shows she doesn’t need taming at the House of Blues

I had one main concern about bringing my grade school-age daughter to see Miley Cyrus at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, where she performed a show streamed live on the Internet celebrating the release of her “adult-themed” album “Can’t Be Tamed.” I was worried that the show might be too loud. So we made sure to pack the earplugs before heading to the concert, and we sat on the floor and ate a grilled cheese sandwich before America’s latest sexual menace took the stage and entertained us for an hour.

Does my lax parental attitude shock you? Try to consider this with a clear head. Cyrus is currently surviving Scarlet Letter levels of reproach for wearing costumes not much skimpier than what many elementary dance schools hawk to their prepubescent students, imitating Adam Lambert in a video and miming a kiss with a female dancer onstage — a reference to a form of exploration quite common among high school girls.

My daughter has heard jokes as suggestive as anything Cyrus offered Monday night at kids’ movies such as “Madagascar,” and saw racier images on the billboards hovering above Barham Boulevard on the drive to the club. Sexual display and broad innuendo run rampant in the forest of images and references in which she’s growing up; that’s part of contemporary life, and my job as a mom is to help her navigate it while developing self-respect and good sense.

Read the rest HERE

Posted by Selina 22 Jun 2010

I have uploaded 26 great quality pictures into the gallery of Miley Cyrus performing her hit songs, Party in the USA and Can’t Be Tamed at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto this past Sunday, June 20. I have also included pictures taken of her rehearsing the two songs. Take a sneak peek:

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